Heartworm Prevention Reminder

Spring is just around the corner!!

Now is the time to start thinking about heartworm prevention for our family pets.   Any dog two months and older, indoors or outdoors, needs to be on a heartworm prevention program to keep them healthy.   As an added benefit,  the medication also deworms your pet for intestinal parasites each month.  This keeps your pet healthy, and also protects your family from zoonotic diseases that can be spread by parasites.  

If your dog is currently on heartworm prevention, please continue its use to keep your pet healthy.   If your dog has never been on prevention, or has missed more than two months, please call the clinic for recommendations on restarting their prevention.  Heartworm prevention can be administered as a monthly oral treat, or as an injection that lasts for six months.     

Heartworms are spread by mosquitoes, and infection rates are definitely on the rise.  Prevention is simple and well tolerated by most pets.  For more information, you can also visit the American Hearworm Society’s website at heartwormsociety.org.

Everyone here at Regional Veterinary Service wishes you and your furry friends the best for the warm months ahead!

Please call 620-795-3099 for questions, refills, or to schedule a heartworm test.